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Creationism Movement in Korea

Vol.12 No.1, 2018.3, 5-51 (47 pages)
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There are two unique characteristics of creation science movement(CSM) in Korea, which was started in 1981. The first CSM in Korea started in 1981 through the efforts of a number of reputable Christian scientists and engineers in major universities and research institutions like KAIST, Seoul National, Yonsei, and Korea University. Although most of them were not in biology, geology, and astronomy, which were relevant to the majority of topics in creation science, their prestigious academic affiliations contributed to the rapid dissemination of creation science among lay Christians in Korean Protestant churches, who wanted something to quench their intellectual thirst. However, from the very beginning, most mainline evangelical biologists, geologists, and astronomers in Korea were critical toward CSM, but their voices were silenced by loud-spoken creation scientists. 

The second is that the movement was spread throughout the major Korean churches irrespective of denominations. In the United States and some other countries, CSM was popularized only through the Adventist church which is the origin of CSM and conservative/fundamental churches during the early and mid-20th century. In Korea, however, CSM was welcomed in most churches including evangelical and even some progressive churches. Though some evangelical journals such as 〈Gospel and Context〉 and 〈News ‘N Joy〉 published several articles criticizing CSM, it has still strong influence on major Korean denominations and organizations. This paper traces the trajectory of CSM from its beginning in 1981 to the controversy in 2017, when the POSTECH mechanical engineer Sung Jin Park was nominated as a minister of President Moon’s cabinet.

I. 선구자들
II. 큰 시작
III. 실패를 통한 교훈
IV. 조용한 출애굽과 새로운 시작
V. 내파(內破)의 시대
VI. 조로(早老)의 징후?

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